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Mar 28

After Weight Loss Forum - Timing Post Gastric Bypass Large Skin Flaps -

Discuss timing of refinement surgery to tighten tissues after gastric bypass weight loss. Learn about photo documentation and motivational tools, and body shaping garments to deal with emotional stress of loose hanging folds of flesh.

Jan 10

Revision Gynecomastia Forum - Crater One Side Too Much Gland Other & Scars -

Join post discussion issues of complications after Gynecomastia Surgery, how to pick surgeon for revision surgery. Learn about standard pictures and my Dynamic Technique.
Michael Bermant, M.D.
Retired Plastic Surgeon

Apr 24

Picking Gynecomastia Surgeon Forum Discussion

Gynecomastia Forum - Be Careful In Choosing Your Male Breast Reduction Surgeon join our forum discussion on the crtical topic about Picking a Gynecomastia Surgeon. Look beyond a free Male Breast Reduction lecture or a few photos. Learn how to check out the quality of the doctors work and the degree of their passion.

Michael Bermant, M.D.
Retired Plastic Surgeon

Learn more about Gynecomastia

Mar 14

Now with over 200,000 Followers in Twitter - Michael Bermant, M.D.

DrBermant on Twitter has just gone over 200,000 followers today. Thank you all for following a Retired Plastic Surgeon, his Plastic Surgery Encyclopedia, Plastic Surgery Forums and our Recovery Store. Please use our social media links on the bottom of each page to spread the word about our resources or contribute to making better tools on our Forum. The goal has been to plant the seeds to empower the public to better, more complete, details about their bodies, injury, surgery, deformity, and health.

Michael Bermant, M.D.

Feb 25

Plastic Surgery Encyclopedia Now Has Google Translate!

Plastic Surgery Encyclopedia Now Has Google Translate! Browse one of the largest resources about Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery with the ease of google’s translations services. Pick what language you want to view our site, and the java code remembers for each page you continue on our resource. Use our social networking tools on the bottom of each page to share what you found. Have suggestions or comment?  Use our Plastic Surgery Forums to let us know.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, M.D.
Retired Plastic Surgeon

Feb 19


I am a retired Plastic Surgeon who has a passion for public education about Body Sculpting. I have evolved a massive body of interlinked web content to learn about the problems, solutions, and emotions involved. This is a work in progress.

My Plastic Surgery Encyclopedia is over 1600 pages and needs revision to manage the smaller screens of the smart phone market. I am just learning about these new pages at posterous.I am testing the autopost optioin for the first time, to see what happens.

Michael Bermant, M.D.

Feb 13

Building Human Ears with 3D Printers -

Join in the discussion for ear reconstructive Plastic Surgery. Find links to videos talking bout trends and what progress has been made as science fiction slowly becomes reality.

Michael Bermant, M.D.

Retired Plastic Surgeon

Dec 27


Actually I prefer animation, motion, how things move over the inanimate. Too many hide mediocrity behind just showing a still picture of the problem or result. That is why I created my How to Evaluate Plastic Surgery Pictures.

The Surgery Store -

Your resource for supplies, products, and tools for recovery after injury, trauma, surgery pregnancy and weight loss.

Plastic Surgery Forum - a Body Beautiful -

Here is a place to discuss your concerns, share your experiences and learn from others about your body, beauty, and how Plastic Surgery can help. Integrated with extensive Plastic Surgery Encyclopedia and The Surgery Store.